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Monday, March 19, 2007


Well it's now nearly the end of another Yukon winter and spring is nowhere in sight. We have lots and lots of snow. It is the snowiest winter on record! The Canada Winter Games have come and gone and everyone else in the country is stuck with our northern tv advertisements while we are stuck with lots of orange jackets. All the volunteers were given orange jackets to wear during the games. a pretty good deal as these are heavy duty gore tex jackets!

We escaped the games for a week and went to do some surfing and wave watching in Tofino. Unfortuntely we brought the snow with us and were nearly stranded on vancouver island after a snow storm on the pass between Tofino and Port Alberni. That sloppy coastal snow is no fun to drive in!

There was lots happening after we returned from the south including a (free!) great cultral festival with everything from rap to fiddle music to northern inuit throat singers.

The infamous burning away the winter blues festival (you can watch this event LIVE on the web!!) is on Saturday March 24th at 8:30pm and it looks as though this year we'll have to have quite the bonfire to melt all the snow. The river is still frozen over and it was -25 this morning. At this rate ski season will last until sometime in August. We are going up on the roof tomorrow night to shovel it off as a few of the pipes have actually been covered completely by snow and we have large icicles forming the attic!

On the bright side (the yukon spring is literally nice and bright) with daylight lasting until about 8:30pm we can get out for some longer skis after work and even after dinner.

Enjoy the rain in vancouver and elsewhere and here's to hoping that we emerge from our winter hibernation with at least a small remnant of our european sunburns/tans from last summer!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh no Joel - no orange jacket for you...Nelson

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