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Sunday, November 26, 2006

All Northern Pond Hockey

For the second year, Whitehorse played host to the all northern pond hockey tournament at chadburn lake. And for the sencond year the temperatures were below -30 C. This year, almost 40 teams braved -40 (!) temperatures to pit their pond hockey skills against one another for yukon pond hockey supremacy.

This year, our valiant team of super heroes (which included superman/woman, flash gordon, a large stuffed dinosaur and a brown M&M - how can you top talent like that!?) made it to the quarterfinals only to lose in a close fought game. Good times were had by all. Despite superman's cape continually getting in the way, flash gordon's bummed knee and rastaman being far to laid back the team had a great goals for/against ratio. Only one toe was lost to frostibite, that being the big toe of the flash.

The mother of all pond hockey tournaments is in Plaster Rosk New Brunswick, World Pond Hockey Champioships, in February. Perhaps one day the Yukon champion can travel to NB much like to Dawson City Nuggets of old to play against southern foes.

Well, it's still -43 here so no one's going outside today despite the sun.


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