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Monday, June 13, 2005

back in the saddle

well, it's been a while since you folks received an update from us so here's a news flash.

we've been busy clearcutting the back forty (as you can see from the photos) and fighting over paint colors. luckily we don't have cable anymore so we don't have to torture ourselves with home reno shows hosted by pretentious british "decorating gurus". the BBQ's going strong and ready to feed whoever wants to stop by this summer.

sarah is getting ready to head south for 6 weeks. she arrives for carmen's wedding on thursday and will be in vancouver until the end of july returning to the yukon to prepare for her new grade 2 teaching job in september.

joel's going in all the big yukon events this summer including the mayo midnight marathon, the kluane chilkat bike relay and the yukon river trail marathon. there's lots to do over the summer.

the daylight hours are getting longer and longer and longer and longer. right now it's not even getting dark at all at night (see photo at 12am) and the longest day of the year is still a week and a half away.

let us know when you're planning to visit and we'll set up a bed for you. the new address is 56 klondike road, whitehorse, yt Y1A 3M1.


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