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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Whitehorse top 10...number 7

The daylight. there are no words that can describe what it's like when the clock says 11pm and it's still light outside. your circadian rhythms completely lose their beat, your body thinks it's time to wake up at 4am, and you feel like running 10 miles at 10:30pm. work is just an annoying little inconvenience that gets in the way of you enjoying 20 hours of light.

and we ain't seen nothing yet. it's still 2 months away from the longest day of the year. All that sleep we got in december and january will come in handy now. that expression, "there's never enough time in the day" isn't valid north of 60. in fact between April and September, there's toooo much time in the day. this permits procrastination of unparalleled proportions. what you don't get done outside by 7pm, no worries you can finish it off after midnight when you have a little more time on your hands, but no less light.

i think the price of a winter from the frozen depths of hell, was a small one to pay for a summer of eternal sunshine.

joel came down with yukonitis this week so he hasn't been able to enjoy the balmy 20 degree days as much as ubercyclist sarah. sarah hasn't gloated too much.

House hunting has been fruitless but there are some promising abodes on the horizon.

Have you ever clicked on the "Next Blog" button on the top right of the screen? you can instantly view the personal blog of a fundamentalist christian in san diego, or a navy officer in japan or an evironmentalist in iceland or a highschool student in singapore or a bush-hating canadian. it's wierd how easy it is to "connect" with a stranger on the other side of the planet. kind of scary-weird, entertaining, and addictive at the same time.

the good, the bad, the internet.


Blogger Neller said...

Hey Joel,

Sounds lovely. I wish it was that nice here now.

How about throwing up some new photos of your surroundings for us....


12:04 PM


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