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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

what we did on our summer vacation part 2...

well, sarah's on to her second week of school now and we're still talking about our summer vacation....sheesh.

well, after vancouver we embarked on a kootenay/rockie mountain vacation rapido style. with stops in castlegar, nelson, cranbrook (with a triathlon thrown in), fairmont hot springs, radium hot springs, lake louise, jasper, grande prarie, liard hot springs and whitehorse. whew, it was quite a trip.

as noted, we hit up a number of hotsprings. we found liard hot springs, although the most rustic, to be the best. fairmont was like swimming in someone's bathtub, with several hundred other people you didn't know, radium was especially nice in the evenings when the crowds died down.

as you can see from the photos above, emily appeared out of thin air and was able to accompany us for a few days of the trip (from cranbrook to radium). that was nice.

it was sure nice to get home to whitehorse to see the cat which hasn't quite forgiven us for leaving her for so long. she attacked our feet without warning in the wee hours last night as latent punishment. she continues to exhibit peculiar behaviours at all hours. we may have to call in the resident pet psychologist. it's a booming business in the yukon what with all the sled dogs up here. the politics and interdog communications within a dogteam can be a handful. they often need to talk it out with their therapist.

claire has landed work at mac's fireweed books, the local book store and instantaneously received a promotion to downstairs. one might think that's actually a demotion but she insists it's not. hmmm.

sarah has whipped her grade twos into shape. jole and claire haven't seen her for almost three weeks as she's been diligently preparing her classroom. she has even been spotted at school working on the weekends. such is the life of a beginning teacher.

the leaves are beginning to turn their brilliant yellows and the bite of fall is in the air.

enjoy the photos.


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