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Monday, February 19, 2007


No, this is not some Rendezvous tradition. It's exactly what it sounds like. WE had a short power outage due to the unfortunate death of a raven, our territorial bird. It happened right behind our house! What an exciting weekend we had!

Well, now that we have solved the power outage problem, we are trying to dog ourselves out of the snow. We are burried in 3 feet of snow. It just keeps coming, just in time for the Canada Games. We are all getting ready for a mass exodus because , in a few days, all the athletes will be here and our tiny little city will be overrunned by tourists...outsiders!!! The good news is that the days are getting longer and longer and before we know it, we will be in to 24 hours of daylight!

We enjoyed our busy visit with Aaron, Jen and Tatum. They did so much in so little time! They went sledding and cross country skiing and snowmobiling and skating and dogsledding and shopping. WE had great weather, with the exception of the cold day for the start of the Yukon Quest Dogsled race. What excitement! Tee only thing they didn't get to do was see the Northern lights. And, yes, they do exist, we just can't manage to get them to appear for our visitors!

Two more days until break and I can't wait..... hope all of you are well.


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