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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Greetings everyone! Hope you are all doing well. We are all well here. Claire finally has a means of transportation, other than her feet. She bought a bike to get around town and complete the bike relay from Haines Junction to Haines, Alaska. Joel is also preparing for this bike race. I am preparing for the Mayo Midnight Run, on that same weekend. That's right , we are starting the run just before midnight. It is very bright now....those above 2 photos of us were taken just before midnight!

On the May long weekend, we went to Kathleen Lake to camp. As you can see, the lake was still frozen and the mountains were covered in snow. However, we both managed to get a sunburn. The rest of the weekend was spent with report cards and bike rides. Joel has pretty much dropped of the face of the earth right now with his training....hence, all the recent entries posted by me!

Not too much new here.....I am now truly into the 21st century-Joel gave me an ipod for our anniversary. (I don't know how to use it yet.) There's less than a month to go until we are off to Europe. Claire has survived her first winter here, but sometimes it still feels like winter! It remains to be seen if she will stay for another. Ronnie is days away from joining us here in the Yukon. He will be just in time for the bugs! We are really looking forward to his visit. Hopefully he can do some relaxing and get himself on Yukon time or he won't last too long in the big city here. I have a job for next year teaching grade 1- should be great fun.

Not much else to udpate on. I hope to have time to update once more before we go, but if not, I hope everyone has a great summer and our thoughts are with all those expectant friends!

Take Care,


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