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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope that your holiday season was safe and happy.

Check out our Christmas photos in the album "dec 2005" and our trip to Haines in the album "haines alaska". Click here:

The yukon christmas was a nice treat although we weren't treated to any fresh snow on christmas morning. the weather for the Woods' visit was pleasant (i.e. not too cold) and alas, they won't have any stories about wild polar tempertures and blizzards and such. It was very enjoyable to have guests from the south who regaled us with stories of deluges of rain, warm tempertures and greenness.

However we did get to take in many yukon adventures including dogsledding, the takhini hotsprings, the inn on the lake, and the longest night festival on December 21, when we experienced about 18.5 hours of darkness. Curiously, this induced an urge to consume copious amounts of baked goods, cheeses, meats, stuffed mushroom caps, beer, wine, egg nog and honey garlic chicken wings.

We also were fortunate enough to go deep into the forest to slay a christmas tree. we selected one that smelled like cat pee when we got it into the house. Interestingly, an unbeknownst trait of white spruce trees...the smell dissipated after a day or so.

much merriment ensued and we ate our roast beast and sent the guests off on their way on boxing day, hopefully to be back sometime when the days are a lot longer and you don't need to put on five layers of fleece, down and goretex prior to venturing outside. But it's all part of the fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like some good times were happening in the Macht/Woods household! Really missed you guys during this special holiday season, especially when I reminisced about last last year's Christmas and New Year frolicking:)
The pictures were of some comfort, though. So thanks for posting them! Really enjoyed seeing all those eagles sitting in the tree. But I gotta say that Sarah's "Reading Corner" caught my eye and gave me glee:) Fantastic, my friend! What a nice little classroom...and all that from a 1st timer:)
Anyway, thanks for all your calls and messages (Claire). Hoping to soon see pics posted from your Dance 360 NYE Showdown *grin*. Sorry I couldn't be there to "tag" any of you.
Finally, and once again (for good measure), Happy New Year to you lot!


12:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! I finally found out why I couldn't get to your site. I can't SPELL! (and that from a teacher.) Now that I have found you I will enjoy hearing about your life in the North.
I take my hat off to you as I could never exist up there even though my ancestors were from Sweden. I have my mother's English
gene which allows me to exist in rain.
The pictures of your trip to see the eagles left me in awe of the scenery.
I admire your classroom, Sarah. You have organized a colourful setting for your pupils. I remember my first classroom. I enjoyed decorating it. My first class at St. Peter's School was certainly a challenge. I had 42 Grade ones. With the help of an experienced teacher I managed to teach them to read, print and do their sums.
The only copy machine we had was a jelly pad. I enlisted the help of some grade 8 students when I needed some pages duplicated.
One memory I can't forget is when some mice appeared. They came in with the coal for the furnace. As I was wearing a long skirt I dreaded the thought of one of them getting inder iy so the students shoved newspaper into every crack or crevice where the mice might get through.
It was my duty to prepare the lunch for the three of us nuns at 11:30 as my class went home for lunch at that time. As I lifted the kettle off the stove a little mouse peeked out at me from one of the holes. I shrieked and ran out of the lunchroom. The principal came out to see what had happened. I never lived that down.
I had better sign off now and give your eyes a rest.
Love and hugs, Alice

12:57 PM


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