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Friday, September 02, 2005

I Made It!

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I survived my first week of school without the use of a 2 by 4 with nails! In fact, although it was one of the most tiring weeks of my life, I had some brief moments of enjoyment. One of the best parts is being able to walk to school! I am so exhausted tonight that I have nothing more to say right now....stay tuned for the saga of school life, Whitehorse style. Off to the rum and cokes!

Take care, Sarah

PS- We had our first frost the other morning.....Fall is upon us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, good Yukon bloggers!

Please note another connection: Kitimat parish is same name as your new school, Sarah!
Best of all wishes to you, placing yourself at the mercy of 7 year olds! They'll love you!
And just think, you'll never again have to endure that very 'first week' ... though that tired bit just naturally clings forever to the profession!
Our Rach has same grade by the way, returning next week from her maternity leave.

Drive back from Whitehorse-Terrace made in single day by our 'eco-gal' - she'll be at our place for one of our famous family bbq's this afternoon, hopefully with lots of Macht tales ... the too 'great' to be blogged to the world type!
Fall is creeping in on us, too, but it's balmy, bright today, so do keep your frost to yourselves a while longer.

Having the 'Brit' boarder should assist with renos ... or not! ?
Keep on enjoying it all and each other too, of course.
Hope your folks come to visit soon Joel and also fall in love with the Yukon!
Take care all! Keep on blogging! Hugs ... "that auntie"

12:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joel and Sarah
What was school like today ...tell me about it when you ahve time .
I am trying this Joel may not work

8:13 PM

Blogger joel said...

It worked!!

8:30 PM


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